An opportunity multiplier. Not to be missed.

Il Bosco dell’Arte is a Cultural Enterprise realized with the financial contribution of POR FESR Veneto 2014-2020, Action 3.5.1 – Sub-Action C “Cultural, creative and show business”. The Regional Operational Program (POR) is an instrument through which the Veneto Region supports the cultural and socio-economic development of the region.
The project was chosen, together with 17 others, presented in the cultural sphere.

In a time when human activity has distorted the relationship with the landscape, distorting it, sometimes destroying it, the company “Il bosco dell’Arte” takes on the task of giving new value to the natural space through a Naturalistic Didactic Theme Park Integrated with sculptures and installations by contemporary artists. The park includes a large covered area, obtained from an old former agricultural building transformed to accommodate: artistic workshops; workshops; expositive spaces; refreshment areas. There is also, in the park, a large part that can be explored with a pedestrian road that develops through a beech forest lapped by a stream; in this context permanent and temporary art installations are included, a natural amphitheater for shows and events as well as a naturalistic circuit. The park contains complementary services for welcoming visitors and scholars: parking, information center and refreshment points.

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