The place was torn to degradation and abandonment following the industrial boom of the ‘ 70-80s. Until then he had an agricultural use; An agriculture that we would call “heroic farming” today. It seemed unworthy, “to betray” a territory that has been able to support its inhabitants for centuries and not only on a utilitarian but also on a cultural level. The first documented mention of a place called Val de Ròn is found in a document dated 1547, now preserved in the state archive of Venice. The name comes from “Valle in Rònco”, with the meaning of “deforested land”. The names of the areas have a non-trivial value. Each strip of land has its own name and not a random name. The alternation, during the centuries, of woods and Meadows has accompagnatoil destiny of the place in an alternation, governed by the evolution of economic contingencies. In moments of well-being the marginal lands were abandoned to the disuse that transformed them into woods, and then they were again cleaned and cultivated as soon as the wind of wellbeing changed. It is not known how many times this rotation was repeated or when it started. It is known, however, that every time a generation implemented a change it did so with spirit and renewed means, with new ideas and knowledge, depending on the progress of time. Even today it does not escape this rule. Finished the fatty years of the end of the century is inevitably reverse the course and return to the use of all available resources. Once again we are about to change with the illusion of giving a definitive solution. Man has always been nourished by the nature that surrounds him. It is precisely stopping to observe the majesty of the trees in the woods that we thought about how so much beauty is possible above all thanks to what is not seen: The roots, which are always taken for granted and of which there is little care; And of this beauty the park is impregnated. It is not only the trees that have roots; The whole existence is supported by roots. We support the roots of history, experience, memory. Unfortunately everything that is behind it, being “past” appears irrelevant today compared to the present and especially to the future; Getting older it turns out every day, banally, that it is not so. The most solid resource you have is the past behind you; A tempogravido of experiences, failures and successes, ours and those who preceded us. Yes, the past is the material on which to build tomorrow. Countless lives, lived in the same places that we are hosting and bequeathed to our children, are not unnecessarily spent. Lives imbued with emotions, sorrows and joys, very similar to those that we live, full of knowledge and traditions that await nothing but to be discovered. All, even the poorest of spirits have contributed to our present. It is at least ungenerous to forget the culture that we have transmitted, not to say the stupidity of wanting to stubbornly reinvent things already invent, to look for solutions already found. All these considerations, and many others, have prompted us to undertake this experience of “archaeology of Memory”, on the traces of the loggers of ‘ 500, to tickle the spirit of sharing of those who, at times unknowingly, is depositary, and Practically all of us are, of a life story, of a fragment of memory. Delve into each one of us to find knowledge to share with the goal of giving, especially to young people, proven material to build each one’s own future. It is an ambitious goal and certainly out of our reach but we try equally, driven by the characteristic that has always been recognized to us and that only recently a dear friend has been able to address the item “unconsciousness”. It is not necessary to understand everything, to know everything, to take a road, just a little ‘ courage. Those that today are comfortable and paved roads were once narrow paths, then widened to become mules, finally roads. They are paths drawn by someone who, even in the knowledge of being able to make mistakes, decided to experience the unknown. In fact, some paths are now forgotten, lost in the oblivion of time, others have become important roads of connection between different worlds. We have embarked on this project with this spirit: to draw a sign; At the beginning an uncertain and perfectable sign, that someone will want and be able to correct, in the hope that the reiterated journey turns him into a high road. Our hope is that someone can have the courage to walk on this track with the patience to welcome all those who share the direction.