18,000 square meters of meadows and woods for a quarter flat and for three quarters placed in a valley (Val de Ròn) open to the west. Mule tracks and Paths cross the park to a spring from where the water descends to form four ponds that flow into a stream. The place is rich of an autochthonous flora of certain value with rare ecological niches and very particular plants. A great work of “artificazione” through the insertion of temporary and permanent artistic installations, a natural amphitheatre for shows and events, bring the park to a new dimension; It makes it, if possible, even more beautiful. 600 square meters covered completely rearranged in three blocks. The first one welcomes atelier for artistic activities. In the second space there is a permanent exhibition of rural tools and artisans that give inspiration to the activities of the didactic laboratories equipped in addition to a large meeting room.
The last block accommodates the services (reception, book shop, wardrobe, toilets etc…) and a refreshment area.

The story

The natural park of art is born from a visionary dream that wants to reconcile art, tradition, culture, and nature. As in many other parts of the Veneto, even here history left a strong mark. This is testified by a castle of the Iron Age recently found nearby. Here lived the Romans who lost some coins…



Genius Loci

The place was torn to degradation and abandonment following the industrial boom of the ‘ 70-80s. Until then it had an agricultural use; An agriculture that we would call “heroic farming” today. It seemed undignified to “betray” a territory that has been able to support its inhabitants for centuries and not only on a utilitarian level but also on the cultural one…


From immemorial times the territory of the high Marca Treviso, in the arc Piedmont that goes from Piave to the springs of the Livenza, especially at the foot of the Cansiglio, has supported the local populations providing food, raw materials, firewood and much more, in a word: ” Wealth. ”  True, it was not “wealth” cheap: the price…