Walking new steps between past and future

It’s true, in the last months we neglected you, but that’s only because we were busy getting some exciting surprises ready for you.

Don’t get mad at us for that…

In the last few weeks, we had the first edition of the International Sculpture Symposium “Vita Nuova per un Luogo Antico” and soon we will provide a complete update on how it went.

In the meanwhile, we are preparing an entertaining yet acculturating evening.

Friday 26th October 2018, at 20:00 (8:00 PM) we are going to play on the bond between words and music with two valuable persons:

Paolo Forte, a young accordionist that can manipulate music with his instrument so that you can’t even recognize it with high suggestion modern music.

Angelo Floramo will delight us with his tales that distill from everyday life, emotions that move even the most refractory minds.

He is going to dig into that boundary between the past and the future that is not the present, following the traces and paths that time leads us to forget but which, we will discover, are the foundations of our living.

It’s going to be an incredible evening! We are sure that you will come in numerous.

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll find:

Che mi vuoi dir con quei glifici strani
Folle Natura?
Forse son vane ormai le primavere
Dopo il tripudio dei vent’anni ardenti?
Tra quei grovigli sconvolti
Una bimba che ride che ride.
Vuoi dir che il mondoHa qualcosa di buono
Qualche pagliuzza d’oro tra le scorie?
Il sempre il mai tu celi tra quei segni
Tracciati forse
Smarritamente allora ch’io cantava
Senza udire il mio canto – come il vento
L’albero ascolta e non sa di stormire.
Musica strana,
tu mi allucini, e strazi le mie labbra;
come reticolati arrugginiti
mi dilani le fibre e non rispondi.
Né il cuor risponde, né la mente, e l’eco
A le cose d’intorno ripetendo
e mai e sempre accresce il mio mistero.

from: “L’ultimo canto“ Giocondo Pillonetto (ed.Canova Tv)