Michele De Conti

Michele De Conti

What they say about him

Versatile and versatile artist, when he approaches the image Michele almost always does it with a classic, formal approach, constantly innovated by his way of dealing with black. He uses little color in his portraits, but still manages to “color” them with emotions. Its intensity is perceived through sharp cuts of light that capture the fleeting moment.
His sculpture is instead characterized by a constant drive towards experimentation. It is difficult to choose the same material for a new work as the previous one. This constant search for new expressive vectors has led him to use: marble; sandstone; ash, walnut, acacia logs, industrial spruce and poplar waste; iron, acrylic fibers, wire mesh, plaster and resins. Each time he faces the challenges related to the specificity of the subject with a very personal poetic, always readable even in the extreme diversity of the subjects treated, be they human figures, animals, conceptual abstractions or synthesis of aspects of nature.
It is particularly appreciated in the mythological figures that populate its Park: The Wood of Art, where dragons of wood and iron cohabit amiably with more or less domestic animals at the mouth of the den and from the nests waiting for new imaginary tenants. Nature and its materials are enhanced by these presences that tell visitors fantastic and suggestive stories along with memories of lives lived of which we can see evident traces wisely enhanced by his art. Here, on the other hand, color is the protagonist, not so much that of the material of the sculptures, as that of the seasons that become essential elements in a continuous chromatic metamorphosis that modifies the perception of the observer so as to make the work constantly renewed.

His works in the park

Looking like minute pieces of table discarded from any workmanship and suitable now only for the fire patiently is composed, one by one, until a definite shape is formed, and who knows why just that one form among the infinite possible, recalls the way in which the seconds marked by the clock of time are composed in an indissoluble succession to form our life, unique and unrepeatable among the infinite possible lives, which each one shapes, moment by moment, following previously unforeseeable lines that turn out to be the only possible.
Michele leads us to this with his restless forms, apparently random, which, assembled one piece at a time, follow an invisible fil rouge that reveals itself only a posteriori to crystallize into structures that play with space, shadow and light, always reaching out to reach the celestial sky in which they seem to dissolve. Static forms only for those who are still but seem to come to life and move if the point of observation is changed. Just as inactivity makes us unnatural and action continually transforms our being into becoming.


Michele de Conti. Born in Conegliano, TV in 1986.
Master of art, painter, sculptor.
He received his high school diploma with a specialization in Architecture and Interior Design from the Vittorio Veneto State Institute of Art in 2004/2005.
He attended a computer graphics workshop and participated in an internship at an architecture firm.
From 2006 to 2011 he dedicated himself to the design and technical planning of large architectural glass and aluminum infrastructures.
After a few years in the logistic sector he resumed his artistic production preferring painting and plastic arts.
Since February 2017, they have been involved in the creation of the “Bosco Bosco dell’Arte” Art and Nature Theme Park, where a large part of his works are concentrated.
Mail: micheledeconti@hotmail.it